Real-Time Chat

When traveling, certain emotions cannot wait to be shared.

Have you ever shared a trip in real-time? Letting your friends and family participate in your travels from home or from their mobile is a unique experience in itself. But imagine you could push this unprecedented feeling of proximity even further!

It is now possible thanks to the real time chat feature. Friends and family can send you chat messages directly from their computer or smartphone, and you can obviously answer back.

Once your trip is over, all messages stay visible on the trip view for LiveTrekker users only.
The trip owner can delete any message, as well as the author of a message.

Friends can challenge you, your sister can ask for a particular picture or even send you useful information for your trip… possibilities are endless!

Real-Time Chat Feature

The LiveTrekker Team

Real Time Sharing Feature on iOS

Experience the Power of Live Sharing!

Imagine having an amazing time on the beach in Florida, but some of your friends couldn’t come along…

Well, they no longer have to wait to Discover your adventures. They can now see your journey unfold in Real Time!


Start a LiveTrekker Trip and share it on-the-go via email, text message, or on your favorite social networks…

And let the Power of Real-Time do the rest!

Trips shared with you can be viewed in Real-Time on, or right from your smartphone (only on the iPhone for now, Android version soon)

Please note that you need a mobile data plan to broadcast Trips in Real-Time. But remember, you can still record Trips in Offline Mode and share them later once you have network access.

The LiveTrekker Team

Rally Partnership

LiveTrekker at the Rally de Portugal

Seb/Tibo banner

LiveTrekker is the smartphone solution to share one’s travels in a new and vivid way. This innovative and interactive format was used by the Sébastien Chardonnet/Thibault de La Haye team, leader of the WRC3 World Rally Championship and sponsored by LiveTrekker, to share their race in real time during the “Vodafone Rally de Portugal 2013″!

In world premiere, the Chardonnet/de La Haye team used LiveTrekker to let their fans get immersed in the daily tournament routine. With LiveTrekker’s media recording and GPS features, fans were able to follow everything from race preparations to on-board video recording during track reconnaissance, with comments from Sébastien and Thibault – in real time!

“I am very pleased with this unique and innovative partnership with LiveTrekker”, says Sébastien, young pilot of the French FFSA Rally team. “Beside the fact that it allowed us to be on the start line, this cooperation was also a way to present a new and interactive communication medium that Thibault and I were happy to let you discover in world premiere. Now that the Rally is over, we will have the possibility to relive the race’s atmosphere by looking at our trips recorded with LiveTrekker and broadcasted to our fans on our Facebook page! LiveTrekker is also an amazing way to keep and relive your best memories”.

The LiveTrekker team was honored to participate in Sébastien and Thibault’s adventure in the WRC World Rally Championship, a great occasion to demonstrate our technology and savoir-faire alongside them. With LiveTrekker, our young team was able to share their emotions, intimacy and progression in an innovative and unprecedented way, throughout the entire event!

Official website of Sébastien Chardonnet : Sébastien Chardonnet

Chinese Release

LiveTrekker is now available in Chinese!


The LiveTrekker App and Website are now available in Simplified Chinese!

Stay tuned for more languages soon!


The LiveTrekker Team

Trip List Redesign

Your Trip List just got awesome!

Your Trips now come listed under a brand new format!

With this new and highly visual format, you can easily navigate with the “Timeline” and scroll around to peruse your entire Trip List conveniently.

Each Trip now has its own unique identity, with a new cover picture set by default if you do not set one yourself:

Trip List

So go ahead, share or relive your best Trips!

The LiveTrekker Team

“Discover” Feature Release on iOS

You are one step away from opening a window to the World… in unparalleled detail!


LiveTrekker 2.0 on iOS brings you a new and innovative functionality: Discover.

Discover lets you download trips made by the LiveTrekker community. Flick through amazing travel diaries from all over the world, right from your smartphone!


The LiveTrekker Team

LiveTrekker Plugin

NEW! Include LiveTrekker in your own website!

You can now display your trips directly in your own website or personal blog with the LiveTrekker plugin.

Request access to our server to embed a LiveTrekker player to your page, and illustrate your personal pages and articles with beautiful travel diaries anybody can peruse at will – right from your site.


Request it here:

The LiveTrekker Team

New Features on the Web

A small step forward for LiveTrekker:

Discover new features that will improve your experience!

Video Path and GPS Heading

For even more accurate context!
Now by default, both the path of your videos and arrows to show your heading are displayed directly on the GPS track!


Web Engagement

You might learn a thing or two!
Help messages will guide you through your first steps browsing your LiveTrekker trips and blogs.


The LiveTrekker Team.

LiveTrekker released on Android (beta)

LiveTrekker is now available on Android! (Beta version)

LiveTrekker on Google Play

Tell your friends and family!

The LiveTrekker Team.

Navigation Improved on the Web

A small step forward for LiveTrekker:

Trip Navigation on the website gets even easier!


With this new Trip Navigation Feature, navigate through trips with even greater ease: simply click on the left and right arrows at the top of the Blog Explorer, to easily peruse your media.

Perfect to show your best journeys to a friend with a slideshow feel!

The LiveTrekker Team.