Press articles – August 2013

Articles on LiveTrekker – August 2013

Nomads Road (French, article)

Mellovestravels (French, article)

Press articles – July 2013

Articles on LiveTrekker – July 2013

Le (French, article)

Voyages-Urbains (French, article)

Voyageur-Libre (Français, article)

Press Articles, June 2013

Articles on LiveTrekker – June 2013

Rare Earth Adventures (English, review)

App Picker (English, review)

Ait News (Arabic, article)

Al Arabiya (Arabic, article)

Alittihad (Arabic, article)

Akhbarway (Arabic, article)

Wamda (Arabic, article)

Press Articles, May 2013

Articles on LiveTrekker – May 2013

Instinct Voyageur (French, full article + video review)

Pommie Travels (English, full review)

Application Android (French, article)

Entrepreneur Magazine (English, “Top 100 Brilliant Companies”)

L’Etudiant (French, “Trendy Apps”)

WRC Rally de Portugal 2013 – World Premiere for LiveTrekker – Press Release

Rally LiveTrekker

Press articles, April 2013

Articles on LiveTrekker – April 2013

AutoNewsInfo (French, partnership announcement)

Actisphère (French, link to LiveTrekker trip at the bottom of the page)

Trip85 (French, top apps)

Youmag (French, travel apps list)

VoyageWay (French, dedicated article)

Press articles, March 2013

Articles on LiveTrekker – March 2013

Forbes (English, LAUNCH 2013 coverage)

VoyageWay (French, blog and plugin)

Graines Voyageurs (French, list)

ID Séjour (French, article)

Forbes (English, article + interview)

Press articles, February 2013

Articles on LiveTrekker – February 2013

Trip 85 (French, interview)

New York Times (English, article)

Mili & Taco en Vadrouille (French, blog article)

JDN (French, list)

Skift (English, Top 5 list)

Press articles, January 2013

Articles on LiveTrekker – January 2013

Forbes (English, article)

Le Nouvel Observateur (French, article)

Gadling (English, article)

TechNewsWorld (English, article)

Press articles, December 2012

Articles on LiveTrekker – 2012

La Chaîne Techno (French, video interview)

Memoto Blog (English)

Usine Nouvelle (French)

Orange Blog (French)

L’Informaticien (French)

Net4Tech (English)

Webrazzi (Turkish, English, video interview)

Widoobiz (French, audio interview)

FrenchWeb (French)

TNooz (English, LiveTrekker is #5)

Europe 1 (French, LiveTrekker is #2)

Le Blog des Nouvelles Technologies (French, video interview)

FredZone (French, article)