WRC Rally Italia Sardegna with LiveTrekker

Sébastien Chardonnet and Thibault de La Haye at the WRC Rally Italia Sardegna with LiveTrekker

Seb/Tibo banner

From June 19th to June 22nd, LiveTrekker followed Sébastien Chardonnet and Thibault de La Haye, current leaders of the World Rally Championship WRC3 and 2nd in the Citroën Top Driver, at the WRC Rally Italia Sardegna in Italy.

Follow the team’s preparations before the race with personal comments from the young drivers, and get a coverage of the race here!

Follow all the Team’s updates on its official Facebook page!

Official website of Sébastien Chardonnet: Sébastien Chardonnet

A family World Tour

A Family World Tour

Nomads Road banner

A Family trip around the world across 6 continents and more than 100 countries visited all in an interactive way. We immediately loved this ambitious project from Nomads Road.

A Nomad Family

Greg, Magali and their daughters Natasha and Anastasia (respectively 14 and 11 years at the beginning of the adventure) are the members of a family passionate about travel. They have travelled extensively and have lived in Australia, New Zealand and New-Caledonia for many years. Currently however, they have started to live a nomadic life around the world for 6 to 10 years.

A committed association

More than travelers, Nomads Road have also an association which aims to educate the people they meet on their travels about the dangers of unsafe water while providing solutions to make it consumable according to local constraints.

Clean Water Project

An interactive itinerary:

Nomads Road are planning to travel through, and live at least one year in, all the continents. After Oceania, they plan to explore Asia and Africa. Then they will visit Europe and finally the American continent from North to South.

Interestingly, this itinerary is subject to change as their fans and followers can participate in its evolution by adding suggestions of where the family can go, voting for proposed plans and detours or simply by sharing their own experiences!

Why a partnership with LiveTrekker?

“LiveTrekker allows our users to follow us more accurately through our GPS path decorated with photos, videos, notes and audio recording with a precise geolocation . This would have been really nice during our trekking from Bali to Lombok!

With this application people following our project will feel a little closer to us. We try to use the Real-Time feature from time to time so that they can fully re-live our journey and feel like they are right next to us!

We hope that with this tool, the interactivity of our world tour will take a whole new dimension. “

We wish them all the best ! Make sure you visit their website to find out more: Nomads Road

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Miri City Fan
Miri City Fan

Site touristique de Bandar
Touristic places in Bandar

Mosquée Jame ´ Asr Hassanil Bolkiah
Mosque Jame ´ Asr Hassanil Bolkiah

Tour de Labuan, première partie
Labuan’s Tour, part 1

Tour de Labuan - seconde partie
Labuan’s Tour, part 2

Visite de Labuan - dernière partie
Labuan’s Tour, part 3

Sepilok Orang Outangs Réhabilitation Center
Sepilok Orang Outangs Réhabilitation Center

WRC Rally de Portugal 2013

LiveTrekker at the Rally de Portugal: a truly interactive odyssey!

Seb/Tibo banner

LiveTrekker is the smartphone solution to share one’s travels in a new and vivid way. This innovative and interactive format was used by the Sébastien Chardonnet/Thibault de La Haye team, leader of the WRC3 World Rally Championship and sponsored by LiveTrekker, to share their race in real time during the “Vodafone Rally de Portugal 2013″!

In world premiere, the Chardonnet/de La Haye team used LiveTrekker to let their fans get immersed in the daily tournament routine. With LiveTrekker’s media recording and GPS features, fans were able to follow everything from race preparations to on-board video recording during track reconnaissance, with comments from Sébastien and Thibault – in real time!

“I am very pleased with this unique and innovative partnership with LiveTrekker”, says Sébastien, young pilot of the French FFSA Rally team. “Beside the fact that it allowed us to be on the start line, this cooperation was also a way to present a new and interactive communication medium that Thibault and I were happy to let you discover in world premiere. Now that the Rally is over, we will have the possibility to relive the race’s atmosphere by looking at our trips recorded with LiveTrekker and broadcasted to our fans on our Facebook page! LiveTrekker is also an amazing way to keep and relive your best memories”.

The LiveTrekker team was honored to participate in Sébastien and Thibault’s adventure in the WRC World Rally Championship, a great occasion to demonstrate our technology and savoir-faire alongside them. With LiveTrekker, our young team was able to share their emotions, intimacy and progression in an innovative and unprecedented way, throughout the entire event!

Official website of Sébastien Chardonnet : Sébastien Chardonnet

View Trips from Seb/Thibault and their team:
WRC Portugal Jour 2
WRC Rally de Portugal Day 2 – Arrival in Faro

WRC Portugal Jour 3
WRC Rally de Portugal Day 3 – Testing Session

WRC Portugal Jour 4
WRC Rally de Portugal Day 4 – First reconnaissance day

WRC Portugal Jour 5
WRC Rally de Portugal Day 5 – Second reconnaissance day

WRC Portugal Jour 5 Citroën
WRC Rally de Portugal Day 5 – Official presentation of the Citroën Top Driver 2013

WRC Portugal Jour 6
WRC Rally de Portugal Day 6 – Shakedown

WRC Portugal Race 1
WRC Rally de Portugal – Race Day 1 by World Champion Daniel Elena

WRC Portugal Race 2
WRC Rally de Portugal – Race Day 2

WRC Portugal Day 3
WRC Rally de Portugal – Race Day 3

View Trips from the LiveTrekker team in Portugal:
LiveTrekker Car
WRC Rally de Portugal – The gorgeous “LiveTrekker” car!

Car pit
WRC Rally de Portugal – Car pit and first trials

Car pit 2
WRC Rally de Portugal – Extensive tour of the car pit!

WRC Rally de Portugal – Official Opening Ceremony

WRC Rally de Portugal – Special Stage 2 to 4

WRC Rally de Portugal – Lisbon and SS5

Loire Castles

The Majestic Loire Castles

Loire Castles

With more than 10,000 castles in France, it would be a shame not to visit the beautiful gardens and impressive architecture of this heritage. This is why a member of the LiveTrekker team decided to go on holidays there.

Why did you use LiveTrekker during your visits?

I planed a tour of the Loire Castle for two days, and not staying a long time there, I didn’t want to waste one minute of my journey.

I photographed everything. I love to record all the details of a scene or a place. I always come back home with hundreds of picture I must classify, because individually they do not tell the whole story.

So it was therefore quite natural for me to “track” every moment with LiveTrekker. Without any effort, all my pictures, videos and comments were chronologically displayed on the map. And since I’m using my phone to take them, I took advantage of all the power of the App at the same time.

But it’s mostly when I came back that I realized I had captured much more than simple geolocalized pictures.

What did you like the most using LiveTrekker while visiting those Castles?

3 castles in 2 days, it’s a lot!

When my friends and family asked me to show the pictures I took, I opened my phone’s library and felt like flooded with all the information:

-From which Castle this photo comes from?

-Did we visit Cheverny or Amboise first?

-Could you remember where we saw this?

So many pictures and information we need to put in the right order… What a nightmare!

Fortunately I had used LiveTrekker for each visit.

So I simply shared my trips without cluttering my relatives’ mailboxes. I sent a simple link where all my information is displayed in the right order and in a visual and accurate way. Every photo, video or comment is geolocalized at the right place and the exact time it was captured. I could even realize how much I walked during those two days!

Of course, I was aware of the fact that the GPS might spike a little indoors, because of interferences (walls, etc.). But at the end, all the blogs taken in castles are pretty accurate, except for one or two misplaced GPS points…

Do you know that your trip can be edited?

Yes. For instance, when I was at Amboise, I got a knight’s armor geolocalized in the middle of a river. So I saved this picture on my computer with one click, deleted the point an added the picture again at the exact place on my path: so quick and easy.

I have to admit that I often use this feature to edit and improve pictures, or use a nice filter on my favorites one ;)

Moreover, once I’m comfortably at home, I correct all the misspellings or typo I could have done or even add some new comments and pictures. That way, my relatives can relive my visits and I can just show them my own vision of my trips.

Anything else?

Go visit Les châteaux de la Loire … and if you can’t, go check my trips. I loved it and will go back there as soon as I can to go the castle of Chambord!

Thank you

Click on a thumbnail to view the corresponding story trip!
Château d'Amboise
Amboise Castle

Château de Chenonceau
Chenonceau Castle

La ferme de Chenonceau
Chenonceau’s farm

La ferme de Chenonceau
Cheverny Castle
Other castles
Chantilly Castle
A visit of the Chantilly Castle

A walk around the canal in Versailles
A walk around the canal in Versailles

A walk in Versailles gardens
A walk in Versailles gardens

Step on Earth

Two adventurers hitchhiking around the world… with LiveTrekker

SoE banner

Who never dreamed of traveling around the world to discover new cultures, and share this amazing experience? Mika and Steven, our two adventurers, have decided to make this dream come true. Backpack on the shoulders, they will be on the roads for two years. And because it would just be too easy otherwise, they chose the only mean of transportation available anywhere 24/7: hitchhiking!

Indeed, in order to travel the world, the two globetrotters will be hitchhiking in order to stay on a budget and mingle with the local cultures. Moreover, both of them being couch-surfing enthusiasts, they will try to stay with local hosts overnight as often as possible. Who knows, you may encounter them during your next holidays!

What is Step on Earth?

Steven and Mika are two young graduates who decided to embark on the adventure of their lives before returning to their careers. And they are not easily scared! Their first major checkpoint will be the Polar circle, before a journey on the legendary Trans Siberian and its thousands of kilometers through the Russian taiga. Their second big challenge will be to cross the ocean from Asia to the USA, “boat-hiking” in the process! Let’s wish them good luck! ☺

Why travel with LiveTrekker?

This project is more than a simple trip around the world; it is also a personal investment over the longer term. Indeed, in addition to the (upcoming) creation of a website aimed at helping travelers with travel procedures, and the sponsoring of four elementary school classes, Steven and Mika have also decided to participate in NGO operations based in the developing countries they will visit along their journey.

Eager to share this wonderful life experience, they will rely on LiveTrekker’s sharing options and unparalleled level of detail to broadcast their progress day after day, even live (when the mobile network coverage is developed enough). Their numerous followers will thus have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the intimacy of their journey and follow their adventure step by step, through LiveTrekker’s gorgeous maps enriched with detailed media content in its right context.

So, peek into Steven and Mika’s travel diary and participate in Step on Earth’s adventure!

(Note: content mostly in French, but enjoyable for English speakers nonetheless! :-) )

Access their Facebook page: Step on Earth

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From Lübeck to Voringborg
From Lübeck to Voringborg, adventures in the train

From Hassleholm to Jonköping
From Hassleholm to Jonköping… the joys of hitchhiking


Visit stockholm, last time
Visit of Stockholm, last time

Angry birds and Arktikum museum -20°
Angry Birds and Arktikum museum by -20°C

From Oulu to Helsinki
From Oulu to Helsinki: Flashmob?

Visit of Moscow, Russia

Visit of Irkutsk in Siberia, Russia
Visit of Irkutsk in Siberia, Russia

Visit of Ulan Bator, capital of Mongolia
Visit of Ulan Bator, capital of Mongolia

First Day in Beijing
First Day in Beijing, China

Forbidden City, China
Forbidden City, China

You Make My Trip

Two adventurers sharing their trip around the world… with LiveTrekker

YMMT banner

LiveTrekker is the one travel app to record it all and share. But what is the point of all its features, without fearless adventurers to capture amazing treks? Thibaut and Vincent are two passionate travelers engaged in an ambitious trip around the world… using LiveTrekker to broadcast their most intense experiences. Learn more on the courageous young men and the reasons behind their association with LiveTrekker below, and check their trips on the right:

Two courageous travelers

Thibaut and Vincent are two friends who initially built a close friendship through their mutual passion for roller-skating, which allowed them to create bonds over a shared interest that took a significant part of their free time as teenagers. In spite of diverging life choices that lead them to move to different cities, the strength of their relationship has lasted to this day.

Addicted to the kind of adrenaline one can get from extreme sports and trips to unknown territories, eager to share their best experiences with the world, it was only natural for Thibaut and Vincent to make their round the world dreams come true with a touch of creativity of their own – You Make My Trip was born.

What is You Make My Trip?

You Make My Trip is a participative project aimed at enabling people to actively participate in the two travelers’ trip around the world, by making certain decisions for them. Based on a poll system, weekly “Challenges” allow people to pick a scenario they want the adventurers to accomplish from a list of sometimes-nasty options, such as sleeping in the desert or experiencing the dreadful “general class” of the Indian transportation system. An immersive and often humorous video report of the Challenge is then published on the website (in French with English subtitles).

This innovative and creative way of sharing one’s experience gives a whole new intensity to the original dream of Thibaut and Vincent: travelling around the world. As people decide which Challenge should be the next every week, in other words, as they orient the travelers’ journey along the way, they can immerse themselves in the trip and become part of the adventure – escaping the routine of normal life for the spiced scents and breathtaking landscapes of foreign lands.

Why an association with LiveTrekker?

Because LiveTrekker and You Make My Trip share the same values. Travelling is part of our DNA, as is our need to broadcast our best experiences to our friends and family in the most vivid and interactive ways, so that they can participate in our travels and escape their everyday life for while.

Finding visual and innovative ways to broadcast the most thrilling travel memories and providing a solution to build and share amazingly detailed travel diaries is what drives us every day. With its media recording and live sharing features, LiveTrekker is the solution for rendering any travel in vivid ways and share with friends and family, using gorgeous maps for maximum details and accuracy. As such, our technology is a perfect match for a team looking for a powerful and convenient way to “share it all” in a few clicks, and to have as many people as possible experience the wonders of their journey.

Good luck to our travelers! You can check their website here: You Make My Trip

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London to Delhi
London to Delhi

Around Jasalmer, Rajasthan
Around Jasalmer, Rajasthan

Indian desert
A day and night in the Indian desert

Jaipur, capital of Rajasthan
Arrival in Jaipur, capital of Rajasthan

Le Temple des Singes, Jaipur
The Monkey Temple, Jaipur

A visit to the Taj Mahal, Agra
A visit to the Taj Mahal, Agra

Varanasi, on the Ganges
Varanasi, on the Ganges river

Kathmandu to Trek in Langtang
Kathmandu to Trek in Langtang

Trek in Langtang, Day 2
Trek in Langtang, Day 2

Trek in Langtang, Day 3
Trek in Langtang, Day 3

Trek in Langtang, Day 4
Trek in Langtang, Day 4

Discovering Koh Lanta Island, Thailand
Discovering Koh Lanta Island, Thailand

Survivor Challenge in Koh Lanta, Thailand
Survivor Challenge in Koh Lanta, Thailand

Death Road to Hué
“Death Road” to Hoi Han

 What’s up, Kuala Lumpur?
What’s up, Kuala Lumpur?

St James Pilgrimage

An Interview with Thomas, St. James pilgrim

Camino Compostela

Thomas used LiveTrekker for the full 60 days of his pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, also known as Saint James’ Pilgrimage. Here is his full report!

Why did you do this particular trip?

It is something I had in my mind for a long time, and many pilgrims will tell you that the reasons for doing the St. James pilgrimage are by nature very diverse anyway. But I wish everyone could live the same experience!

Why did you decide to use LiveTrekker during this trip?

St. James Pilgrimage to Compostela is very ancient, and modern technology is at the antipodes of it. Using an iPhone is an entirely remote concept from the simplicity of such a pilgrimage. But the main purpose of using LiveTrekker during this journey was to share with my friends and family, which on the other hand is something very faithful to the Compostela spirit. As such, they could get live updates and check my progression every day… and additionally, be reassured that I was safe. I was on my own but with LiveTrekker it meant I was never truly alone.

What were some of your best moments?

I would say the full 60 days experience was my best moment!

How did you use LiveTrekker to remember and share this amazing Trek?

It allowed me not only to record pictures, videos, audio comments and text directly, but also to link them to a particular position in time and space, which will last in time. What was important to me was to match content and its true geographical location, and the idea I could relive these moments in the future anytime.

In what ways was LiveTrekker appropriate or not to your trip?

An iPhone and everything it stands for, especially as a tool that conveys a certain social status, is the opposite of the simplicity and spirituality of the St. James pilgrimage to Compostela. As such, using an iPhone on my trip, I was not truly disconnected from the outside world as would fit the simplicity of the pilgrimage. The only reason I decided to take an iPhone was in order to use LiveTrekker to record and share my trip.

Thus, it was possible for me to convey a message and to share my mood at every moment of the journey, so that people could get a glimpse at my state of mind. It also acted as a security safeguard, because my followers could verify that I was OK all the time, and they could travel with me to escape their everyday routine.

How convenient was using the App during your trip?

It was simple and easy to use. Regarding battery life issues, I had planned in advance and brought a battery extender and a solar battery loader with me. I could thus record content for 12 hours a day using 3G and GPS without running out of battery, except on one or two occasions.

Which feature did you use the most?

Blog capture aside, I could show other walkers my exact track and recorded content for the previous days of my trip (up to 30 days old) on the spot. For example, once in Spain, I could show other trekkers parts of my trip, including in France, which was pretty interesting to them in order to see which path I had chosen. Since all the trips are listed on the App, I could easily retrieve them and display their content one by one.

Who did you share the resulting LiveTreks with?

I shared with friends and family, but also with colleagues and even other pilgrims along the road, without having to manage hundreds of pictures on a computer afterwards.

What did LiveTrekker bring to your trip?

What I particularly liked, is that since you decide what you deem important enough to be recorded as a photo, video (etc.) blog, you’re inclined to have a certain awareness of your surroundings. As a result, it improves your perception of the environment, since basically everything around you can be captured and shared.

How did other people use the trips I shared with them?

They could experience my trip with me along the way and in real time, and many of them told me that it allowed them to escape from their daily work environment, they could also check if I was still in a good shape, again in real time!

In fact, I know of some people who would work and follow me in their office on a second screen…in real-time. They could see my pictures, videos, etc a few seconds after I took them in the exact natural context where I was. That’s truly unique.

Would you use LiveTrekker again?

Do you mean that I have to trek 1800km again? :-) Yes, I do it often these days.

Thank you!

Click on the following thumbnails to relive Thomas’ adventure as if you were with him!
Day 6 - Nasbinals to St. Côme d'Olt
Day 6 – Between Nasbinals and St. Côme d’Olt

D30 - border between France and Spain
D30 – Crossing the border between France and Spain

Day 35 - Viana to Navarette
Day 35 – Road from Viana to Navarette

Day 53 - O Cebreiro to Samos
Day 53 – From O Cebreiro to Samos

D58 - Labacolla to St. Jacques
Day 58 – Almost at Compostela! Labacolla to St. Jacques

Arrival in Murcia, Spain
Arrival in beautiful Muxia, Spain

Nature’s Wonders

Share Nature’s Best Secrets


For those of us privileged enough to enjoy Nature around us, it provides a never ending source of joy, relaxation…and amazement.

From simple walks in the woods to the most incredible sights of the Grand Canyon, the Zambezi’s Victoria Falls, or the Tibesti desert mountains, we never cease to be surprised by Nature’s wonders.

Create your own very special Nature diary and put your memories in their perfect natural context through our high-fidelity maps.

Emotions are so much fun when shared. Do it live with LiveTrekker.

“In a Nature setting, as LiveTrekker records the exact path I take while capturing a long video… I can just re-live my video in its exact geographical context on the site. Cool!”

And LiveTrekker makes it easy. Simply track yourself, record pictures, videos, audio entries, or simply write comments on your favorite sights. We do the rest.

When synchronized with your account, all acquired data is then available to you and those you share specific bits with, so that all of you can relive your best memories at will.

With its all-in-one features, live sharing, and feature rich website, the LiveTrekker App for iPhone is all you need to carry with you.

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Beautiful scenery of the German forest
Beautiful scenery of the German forest

An enchanting walk through the Minnesota wild
An enchanting walk through the Minnesota wild

A trek in the snowy mountains
A trek in the snowy mountains

Wild River Park wonders in America
Wild River Park wonders in America

Discovering Claude Monet's colorful gardens
Discovering Claude Monet’s colorful gardens

City Sightseeing

Your best city tours come to life with LiveTrekker


Want to record and share your most amazing city sightseeing tours with your friends and family back home? Create your personal travel journal based on gorgeous maps, and share live!

LiveTrekker is an App and a website that lets you track your every step and record media blogs of your environment. Everything is then fused onto gorgeous maps, to be relived and shared at will – even live.

Just capture your surroundings in vivid ways using the App, as you enjoy the city where you are: the monuments, the unusual places you’ve discovered, events you’re participating in or just the places you like.

You can then create your own very special travel diary to put your best moments in their perfect geographical context, and share the whole experience in its full context!

“With LiveTrekker, I can record everything about the city that surrounds me – even the angle at which I take a photo. The result looks amazing on a map!”

So let your friends and family follow you live as you stroll down the city streets where you are. Document each journey with continuous GPS tracks, high-quality videos, photos, recordings, comments, and much more. Recall your travel environment forever.

Your memories are so much more vivid this way.

The LiveTrekker mobile application works anywhere in the world. And a disconnected mode lets you fully record your trips and synchronize them only once you get to free internet access.

So easy to use, LiveTrekker for iPhone is your all-in-one free travel App.

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Prague in summer
Prague in summer. A charming visit of the Castle and Malà Strana

A pleasant day in Barcelona
A pleasant day in Barcelona

Paris sera toujours Paris
“Paris sera toujours Paris”

A walk at the heart of Moscow
A walk in the heart of Moscow

Chantilly Castle
A visit at Chantilly Castle and its relaxing gardens

Paris at night
Paris at night. Walk along the Seine

A relaxing boat cruise on the Seine river