Loire Castles

The Majestic Loire Castles

Loire Castles

With more than 10,000 castles in France, it would be a shame not to visit the beautiful gardens and impressive architecture of this heritage. This is why a member of the LiveTrekker team decided to go on holidays there.

Why did you use LiveTrekker during your visits?

I planed a tour of the Loire Castle for two days, and not staying a long time there, I didn’t want to waste one minute of my journey.

I photographed everything. I love to record all the details of a scene or a place. I always come back home with hundreds of picture I must classify, because individually they do not tell the whole story.

So it was therefore quite natural for me to “track” every moment with LiveTrekker. Without any effort, all my pictures, videos and comments were chronologically displayed on the map. And since I’m using my phone to take them, I took advantage of all the power of the App at the same time.

But it’s mostly when I came back that I realized I had captured much more than simple geolocalized pictures.

What did you like the most using LiveTrekker while visiting those Castles?

3 castles in 2 days, it’s a lot!

When my friends and family asked me to show the pictures I took, I opened my phone’s library and felt like flooded with all the information:

-From which Castle this photo comes from?

-Did we visit Cheverny or Amboise first?

-Could you remember where we saw this?

So many pictures and information we need to put in the right order… What a nightmare!

Fortunately I had used LiveTrekker for each visit.

So I simply shared my trips without cluttering my relatives’ mailboxes. I sent a simple link where all my information is displayed in the right order and in a visual and accurate way. Every photo, video or comment is geolocalized at the right place and the exact time it was captured. I could even realize how much I walked during those two days!

Of course, I was aware of the fact that the GPS might spike a little indoors, because of interferences (walls, etc.). But at the end, all the blogs taken in castles are pretty accurate, except for one or two misplaced GPS points…

Do you know that your trip can be edited?

Yes. For instance, when I was at Amboise, I got a knight’s armor geolocalized in the middle of a river. So I saved this picture on my computer with one click, deleted the point an added the picture again at the exact place on my path: so quick and easy.

I have to admit that I often use this feature to edit and improve pictures, or use a nice filter on my favorites one ;)

Moreover, once I’m comfortably at home, I correct all the misspellings or typo I could have done or even add some new comments and pictures. That way, my relatives can relive my visits and I can just show them my own vision of my trips.

Anything else?

Go visit Les châteaux de la Loire … and if you can’t, go check my trips. I loved it and will go back there as soon as I can to go the castle of Chambord!

Thank you

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La ferme de Chenonceau
Cheverny Castle
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