WRC Rally de Portugal 2013

LiveTrekker at the Rally de Portugal: a truly interactive odyssey!

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LiveTrekker is the smartphone solution to share one’s travels in a new and vivid way. This innovative and interactive format was used by the Sébastien Chardonnet/Thibault de La Haye team, leader of the WRC3 World Rally Championship and sponsored by LiveTrekker, to share their race in real time during the “Vodafone Rally de Portugal 2013″!

In world premiere, the Chardonnet/de La Haye team used LiveTrekker to let their fans get immersed in the daily tournament routine. With LiveTrekker’s media recording and GPS features, fans were able to follow everything from race preparations to on-board video recording during track reconnaissance, with comments from Sébastien and Thibault – in real time!

“I am very pleased with this unique and innovative partnership with LiveTrekker”, says Sébastien, young pilot of the French FFSA Rally team. “Beside the fact that it allowed us to be on the start line, this cooperation was also a way to present a new and interactive communication medium that Thibault and I were happy to let you discover in world premiere. Now that the Rally is over, we will have the possibility to relive the race’s atmosphere by looking at our trips recorded with LiveTrekker and broadcasted to our fans on our Facebook page! LiveTrekker is also an amazing way to keep and relive your best memories”.

The LiveTrekker team was honored to participate in Sébastien and Thibault’s adventure in the WRC World Rally Championship, a great occasion to demonstrate our technology and savoir-faire alongside them. With LiveTrekker, our young team was able to share their emotions, intimacy and progression in an innovative and unprecedented way, throughout the entire event!

Official website of Sébastien Chardonnet : Sébastien Chardonnet

View Trips from Seb/Thibault and their team:
WRC Portugal Jour 2
WRC Rally de Portugal Day 2 – Arrival in Faro

WRC Portugal Jour 3
WRC Rally de Portugal Day 3 – Testing Session

WRC Portugal Jour 4
WRC Rally de Portugal Day 4 – First reconnaissance day

WRC Portugal Jour 5
WRC Rally de Portugal Day 5 – Second reconnaissance day

WRC Portugal Jour 5 Citroën
WRC Rally de Portugal Day 5 – Official presentation of the Citroën Top Driver 2013

WRC Portugal Jour 6
WRC Rally de Portugal Day 6 – Shakedown

WRC Portugal Race 1
WRC Rally de Portugal – Race Day 1 by World Champion Daniel Elena

WRC Portugal Race 2
WRC Rally de Portugal – Race Day 2

WRC Portugal Day 3
WRC Rally de Portugal – Race Day 3

View Trips from the LiveTrekker team in Portugal:
LiveTrekker Car
WRC Rally de Portugal – The gorgeous “LiveTrekker” car!

Car pit
WRC Rally de Portugal – Car pit and first trials

Car pit 2
WRC Rally de Portugal – Extensive tour of the car pit!

WRC Rally de Portugal – Official Opening Ceremony

WRC Rally de Portugal – Special Stage 2 to 4

WRC Rally de Portugal – Lisbon and SS5